Google Search only returns 400 results and it sucks.

results per page * pages of results < 400

Searches for generic words like "vector" "surfboard" or "cat" will say they're showing x of 82,000,000 results. But if I go down to click to page 2 of results, then 3, then 4, the results run out (at 100 results per page (if you use the default 10 per page you'll get to page 39 before it runs out)). There are only 4 pages of results for the word "vector" and it starts reporting "~x of 381 results" instead of millions. The screenshot at the bottom is a youtube link demonstrating the problem.

This is an intentional choice by google. They explicitly say they'll never return more than 1000 results for a query but it's more like "400 results ought to be enough for anybody."

If you've ended up here either I'm complaining about it to you, or it's happened to you and you've somehow stumbled here. Either way, please, please, do a google search then scroll down to the "Feeedback..." link at the bottom and tell them what you think about only getting <400 results.

10 results per page * 39 pages = ~390 results
100 results per page * 4 pages = ~390 results